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Fall Gardening – Looking Ahead to Winter & Spring

“Fall” in the garden is about many things, important things.

Getting through the Harvest

Process fruits and vegetables and store for later by canning, freezing or drying. It is very time consuming but very rewarding!

Getting Ready for Winter

Clean out the gutters, set up water catching barrels or systems. Cover and protect whatever can’t handle the bad weather (Heavy Santa Anna winds around Christmas time). Prune back fruit trees after leaves have fallen.

Getting Ready for Spring

Amend soil in vegetables beds with compost. Remove dead or unwanted bits. Plant winter vegetables and any ornamental design replacements. Feed cyclamen and chrysanthemums so they will bloom nicely.
Important things to REMEMBER!

  • Turn off sprinklers after the first or second rain.
  • Water plants that can’t get the rain (under edges of the house or roof eves)

Consider helping the planet by “losing the lawn” and planting a water thrifty garden in its place.

Extra Tip

For easy winter green vegetables set up a large hanging basket where it can be watered by the rains. Because it is off the ground there are no snails and slugs. Hang it from a tree branch or on a post or exposed roof line. Plant it with spinach, Swiss chord, snow peas or broccoli.


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