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Garden Tips for Late Summer

Garden Tips for Late Summer

Water Saving Tip

For those with lots of potted plants, mix P4 crystals (most nurseries carry these) in the soil before planing. These “rock-salt-sized” clear crystals soak up water, expand into tiny “jell-o like” cubes and then slowly release the water they are holing back into the soil. Potted plants in sunny locations are at the highest risk of drying out.

For Your Garden Plants

  • Deadhead regularly
  • Roses need feeding every 6-8 weeks and deep watering every month
  • Vegetable gardens need clean-up – Remove compost debris, get open group prepared for next planing by adding compost and turning the soil with a shovel
  • Harvest your garden – Cut and hang dry your onions, garlic, roses, Nigella, Hydrangeas, Limoniom, Lavender, Yarro, etc. Harvest vegetables and eat them or preserve them (canning, drying salting or freezing). Harvest season lasts til November in the Bay Area.

Learn to use things from your garden to make Christmas Gifts

  • Lavender sachets
  • Lemon Verbena Tea
  • Christmas ornaments (cones, seeds, flowers)
  • Wreaths
  • Table Decor
  • Dried Flower arrangements
  • Apple Dolls
  • Corn-husk -Dolls
  • Much more


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