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Using Ferns and Roses for Summer Flower Arrangements

June and July are both sunny and warm – ideal conditions for roses to bloom profusely.  Add water and a consistent routine of “dead-heading” the spent blooms and you’ll have lots of flowers available to become indoor table arrangements.  Roses like deep watering (a good soaking of their roots) every week or so.  Be sure to remove diseased leaves as often as possible.

In flower arrangements, some of the best complimentary plants for roses are ferns.  Central California is home to some very beautiful and easy to grow native ferns.  Most do best when given a shady North facing semi-protected area and water to their various needs.  Most require filtered sun.  Plant ferns in the fall so they can get roots established during the rainy season.  Roses and ferns go together like peanut butter and jelly.


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