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Now is the Time

Collect and save rainwater. We’re heading into our 3rd year of serious drought. Water containers come in all shapes and sizes. Direct your rainwater down-spouts into water barrels or larger garbage cans. Be sure to cover tightly (seal) against mosquitoes.

Digging projects are much, much easier when the soil is damp/wet.

* Amending soil (add manure, sand, or compost)
* Turn soil, add amendment, turn again.
* Moving shrubs
* Planting trees or shrubs
* Fixing/changing sprinkler lines

The rainy-season (Nov, Dec, Jan, & Feb) is the best time to plant trees, shrubs California Natives and winter vegetables. Consider reducing the size of your lawn and planting instead drought-tolerant shrubs and perennials or even a vegetable garden. Save lots on your water bill by switching from lawn to California Natives or plants from other arid climates (South Africa, Greece, Italy, Australia, Mexico, ect.) Some of these plants might include:

* Blue Hibiscus – Alyogyne huegelii
* Manzanita – Arctostaphylos
* Coyote Bush – Baccharis
* Blue Blossom – Ceanothus
* Red Valerian – Centranthus Ruber
* African Iris/Fortnight Lily – Dietes
* Fleabane – Erigeron
* California Poppy – Eschscholzia
* Yellow Shrub Daisy – Euryops
* Silk Tassel – Garrya

* Grapes
* Toyon – Heteromeles arbutifolia
* Hollywood Juniper – Juniperus “Torulosa”
* Spanish Lavender – Lavendula Stoechas
* 4 o’clocks – Mirabilis
* Daffodils – Narsisus
* Coast Live Oak – Quercus agrifolia
* India Hawthorn – Raphiolepis indica
* Mexican Bush Sage – Salvia leucantha
* Wooly Thyme – Thymus Lanuginosis

Garden Tip for those with Citrus Trees

String Christmas tree lights all over your tree and cover it with clear plastic if the temperature falls below freezing for several nights in a row. You could save the crop and the tree a lot of damage.


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