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Spring is Coming! Prepare Your Garden Now

By the beginning of February you should have pruned any perennials, shrubs or roses for size and shape. The same goes for your fruit trees but they also need spraying with a Lime Sulfur mixture for “Peach Curl”. Since we also have lots of trouble with Thrips here in Silicon Valley, cleaning up dead leaves under shrubbery that has been infected really helps keep the bug at bay. Thrips survive winter weather by hiding under dry dead leaves.

Now is the time to prepare your soil for spring and summer plantings. Dig deep and mix in your mulch and lawn clippings, If you planted winter vegetables or flowers, now is a good time to check them for pests. With citrus trees, protect them against the cold by putting blankets over the top with a light on underneath.

It may not seem important to think about the potential summer drought conditions when the rains are coming down as much as they have, but this season does provide opportunity for saving money and resources for when the hot weather returns. If your garden seems to need a lot of water in the fall you should try saving rain water. Many complex systems are available, or the simplest could be a 30 gallon garbage can under a rain gutter downspout.

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  • Tim Bray says:

    Hi Caroline! I meant to reply to this a while back but never got round to it. Saving rain water is totally impractical for homeowners in California, and you shouldn’t be advising people to try it. “If your garden seems to need a lot of water in the fall” you should be finding ways to reducce that consumption, rather than ineffectually trying to increase your supply. A 55-gallon rain barrell might store enough rainwater for one square foot of typical garden… but changing the consumption might save tens of thousands of gallons in a typical year.

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