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Spring is upon us!

  1. Get those vegetables planted.
    Use dried and crushed eggshells around your baby vegetable plants. This has a double benefit: 1) the crushed eggshells nourish the baby plant root systems, and 2) snails and slugs don’t like the crushed shell dust.
  2. Pull weeds and remove dead parts (compost these). Mulch areas where dirt is showing.
  3. Recycle everything you can!
  4. If you have been harvesting rain-water, make sure it is capped or otherwise covered and tightly sealed to prevent your water storage from becoming a mosquito breeding ground.
  5. If you have a mature tree in your yard that drops lots of seeds, plant some in containers and give them as gifts.
  6. Avoid using chemical fertilizers during really rainy weather, as the chemicals are washed directly into our streams and rivers. My personal feelings run toward using zero fossil fuel based fertilizers (chemicals) and instead simply rotating crops, mulching, and composting.  This is something to keep in mind if you are putting in a vegetable garden.  To get healthy, get off the fertilizers.

Feel free to come see me at the 6th annual ” Spring Art & Garden Festival

The weekend of April 26th and 27th 10am-4pm both days

See the Garden – Meet the Artists – See the new Murals – Experience the Gypsy Wagon


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