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The Relationship Between Landscape Design & Maintenance


Arranged planting with predictable results. The key is in understanding each plant and its setting, soil, sun and water.


Water, weeding, pruning and mowing. Care and maintenance are the keys to long term beauty and consistent results.

In order to design for your lifestyle, you need to understand the plants you install and the maintenance they will require to produce the best results. Trial and error will cost you a lot of money so instead let me help you create a sustainable yard the first time.

Re-connecting with Mother Nature

Mother Nature needs to be rewoven into the fabric of our daily lives. I recommend to everyone with a large plot of ground to plant trees. One or two trees will be our saviors as they will clean the air for our collective grandchildren. With the forests of the world disappearing into furniture and houses it’s even more critical now than ever, that every home owner plant trees.


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